What is Deviation Surgery?

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What is Deviation Surgery?

What is Deviation Surgery?

The operation performed to correct the curvature of the nasal septum is called “nasoplasty”. The nasal septum separates the two nasal passages and is composed of cartilage at the front and bone at the back. Since diaphragm deviation is a very common problem in society, deviation surgery to correct this problem is one of the most common operations. When deciding on septoplasty, the patient’s complaints and the negative effects of nasal congestion on health and quality of life and the results of the nasal examination will be taken into account. In patients with nasal obstruction due to nasal septum curvature (deviation), there is no option other than surgical treatment.

How is Deviation Surgery Performed?

Successful results can be achieved using the standard sealing technique nasoplasty. This operation is done through the nostril and takes 20-30 minutes. In general, it is the removal of the curved cartilage and bone part of the curved part that is not close to the ridge of the nose. The cartilage of the anterior part of the nasal septum should not be excessively bent and the upper part of the nose should not be included. Despite the large number of such standard operations, people mistakenly believed that deflection surgery is a “simple” surgical intervention, the frequency of severe twists that require different surgical methods due to their genetic characteristics is quite high.

When is Open Technique Deviation Surgery Preferred?

“Open septoplasty” should be the first choice if the nasal curvature is narrow or perpendicular to the upper part of the airway and the septal cartilage is severely deformed or in patients who have had nasal surgery. Because the curved part is repaired instead of the curved part. In patients with such deviation problems, standard closure surgery often results in failure. When the surgery is performed again, there is not enough cartilage to be repaired in the nasal cavity and there is a high probability of problems.


In cases where the cartilage curve of the nose or the outer bone is curved, open technique deviation surgery is preferred in patients who are planned to have aesthetic nose surgery during deviation surgery. Although standard deviation surgeries are a part of Otolaryngology specialization training, obtaining positive results in open technical surgeries generally requires experience and special training in the field of nose surgery.


The use of “open technology”, which is often preferred only for aesthetic purposes in today’s surgery, can correct the cartilage and bone curvature of the nose in the most ideal and permanent way without changing the appearance of the nose. In patients with cartilage defects or deformities due to previous surgeries, if there is not enough cartilage to form a straight and strong structure in the nasal septum, it may be necessary to use cartilage pieces from the auricle or ribs in the ear.


Is Tampon Used in Deviation Surgery?

Thanks to the surgical techniques developed today, it is possible to perform aesthetic and deviation nose surgeries without buffering. This makes significant contributions to the post-operative comfort of patients who have undergone surgery. Deviation surgery is performed without buffering in patients who have not undergone endoscopic reduction procedures, in which tamponade should be used for the lower concha during the same operation. Due to the accumulation of blood under the mucosa and the effects of mucosal edema in the early period, it is a frequently preferred practice to put thin silicone supports in the nose after the surgery.

Is Nose Aesthetic Surgery Performed Together with Deviation Surgery?

If the patient who needs surgery due to deviation also considers rhinoplasty, the most ideal approach is to perform the two surgeries together. Deviation surgery of bone tissues or excess cartilage that causes curvature in the nose is one of the most important advantages of the surgery performed together with the use of different purposes in the aesthetic part.

What Should Be Considered After Deviation Surgery?

Deviation surgery is preferably performed under general anesthesia. If the deviation surgery is performed with the closed technique, it takes 15-20 minutes. If it is done using the open technique, it can take between 1-2.5 hours depending on the degree of the problem and whether there is a need for cartilage tissue removal from the rib or ear. Patients generally stay in the hospital on the day of surgery. The next day, the patient’s nose is cleaned and discharged.


It is generally sufficient for the patient to come to the control 2 or 3 times after the operation. For crusting and drying that occurs for two or three weeks until the healing of the mucosa in the nose is completed, softener spray or drops, cleaning sprays containing salt water are used.

There is no change in the external appearance of the nose after the operation, and there is no color change or swelling around the eyes and face in patients who are not treated for aesthetic purposes or who do not undergo open technique surgery due to cartilage curvature at a level that will not cause differences in appearance.

After the deviation surgery, patients should protect their noses from any impact for 6 weeks. They can start sports activities without the risk of impact after 2 weeks, and swimming after 1 month. There is no harm in wearing glasses regardless of the technique used only in patients who have undergone deviation surgery.

Deviation Nose Surgery Prices

Nose surgeries can be performed in various ways using different instruments, techniques and materials. Surgery fees vary according to previous nose surgery, the size of the problem in the nose, whether there is a need to take a piece from the rib or ear, and whether there are problems that need to be intervened during the same surgery, such as concha (nasal meat) enlargement, sinusitis.


Another factor affecting the price is the hospital where the surgery will be performed. Although the surgery price is the same in large and private hospitals with full organization, the cost is higher than other hospitals due to the higher price of other factors such as the use of the operating room, room, examination, anesthesia, materials.



Surgery for curvature of the nasal septum is performed under private insurance under conditions that vary according to the insurance coverage. In patients who do not use private insurance and in cases where surgeries are not covered by insurance, surgery prices are generally given as package prices. In other words, the total price to be paid by the patients is clearly determined before the operation. The costs of the materials to be used cannot be calculated individually, but can be determined as a fixed price.


The success of the surgery to be performed on the organ, which has very important functions such as smelling and breathing, the experience, surgical skills and training of the surgeon who will perform the operation are the most important factors. However, the quality and content of the materials and instruments to be used during the surgery also play an important role. In similar situations, it can be effective on many different factors depending on the quality and sterilization of other equipment and materials. In other words, a decrease in price means sacrificing quality.

Surgery prices vary depending on various parameters. The most correct approach is to make a complete functional nose evaluation and decide on the interventions after your physician has made your decision. In order for the deviation surgery to be successful in terms of nasal functions, the presence of additional interventions such as sinus surgery or nasal concha can affect the choice of hospital as well as the price.
Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloğlu
Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloğlu

This blog post is written by Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloğlu.

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