What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

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Written and checked by Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloglu

What is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplasty Surgery is the name given to the rhinoplasty surgery that is performed in accordance with the general structure of the face and functionally without any problems in order to correct the deformities of the nose. This surgery is applied to people who do not have problems such as breathing problems. In addition to rhinoplasty surgery, Septoplasty Surgery is also performed in our Rhinoplasty Istanbul Clinic if the person has a deformity in the nose as well as a functional problem.

Expectations Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

When I decide to perform rhinoplasty surgery on my patients, I always receive their requests. The most common request is that it is not obvious that I have plastic surgery. Secondly, if there is a breathing problem, it is to be resolved. Istanbul in general has a face shape that expresses the whole of Türkiye. It is our geographical luck that we do not have a genetic structure with a very large exaggerated nasal bone. When we divide the face into three equal parts, our nose in the middle part gives the expression of our entire face shape. Therefore, the changes we will make here will have a very important place as they will affect the expression.


The most beautiful comment I heard from my patients after the surgery is that the people around me did not realize that there was an operation and they just said ‘there was a change in expression on her face’. Based on my many years of experience, I must state that I am against photoshop studies done before surgery. Because there is never mathematics in the tissue, it may put the patient in excessive expectations about the surgery.


Since Photoshop is a program after all, it allows you to make the most beautiful nose in the world, but texture is not like that. In addition, the features arising from the patient’s own cartilage and bone structure do not allow changes made in photoshop. Therefore, in my opinion, this is not a useful method other than convincing the patient for surgery. Instead, it is best to talk to the patient in detail before the surgery and explain what might happen with their nose in front of the mirror. Another method is to show pre- and post-operative pictures of similar nose shapes that have been made before, and it would be the best explanation for the error.

In which age ranges is Rhinoplasty Surgery Applied?

Rhinoplasty surgeries are generally performed between 18 – 35 years of age. If there is no serious health problem in rhinoplasty operations, it is expected that the nose and face development will be completed. However, these age ranges may change due to reasons such as breathing problems. In addition to the age factor and health problems, the psychological state of the patient is also very important in terms of deciding on Rhinoplasty.

Are There Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

As in every surgery, there are some risks in Nose Job Surgery. There are risks arising from general anesthesia and low-probability risks such as bleeding, infection, bleeding during the operation.

Things to Consider After Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is sufficient to stay in the hospital for one night on the day of surgery. Our patients spend the first night well with the effect of anesthesia. In the meantime, it is enough for them to sleep in the room and apply ice on the cheekbones at intervals of fifteen minutes for the first day. Face masks and other applications recommended elsewhere only add to the post-operative cost.


As I explained in my other articles during the surgery, if the nasal bone is broken with the canal technique, there will not be much swelling and bruising on the face and under the eyes. I recommend our patients who are discharged the next day to rest at home and rest with oral medications. In general, my patients start to move freely and do their normal daily activities after the second day.


The swelling under the eyes and under the eyes, which will tend to increase on the second and third days, will begin to decrease as of the end of the third day. We usually take the silicone air tampons that we put in the nose on the fifth day of the operation. From now on, I recommend our patients physiological nasal sprays that will wash the inside of the nose. On the seventh day, I remove the plaster on the nose and the stitches on the tip of the nose. After that, my patients can start work as well as their daily activities.


In Which Hospitals Is Rhinoplasty Performed in Istanbul?

In line with the wishes of the patient to be operated, our rhinoplasty operations are carried out in Taksim Acıbadem, Istanbul Florence and American Hospital with which we have contracted.


Rhinoplasty Surgery and Smoking

As in most surgeries, smoking can affect the healing process in Rhinoplasty Surgery. On average, patients are advised not to smoke for one week before surgery and 2 weeks after surgery.


Where is Rhinoplasty Istanbul Performed?

Before Rhinoplasty, we see our patients in our practice in Fulya, Istanbul. After the surgery decision is taken, we perform the operation in the hospitals we have contracted in Rhinoplasty Istanbul.


Rhinoplasty Surgery Prices

Since the structure and demands of each patient are different, rhinoplasty surgery prices vary. Therefore, the price of rhinoplasty surgery can be determined as a result of the first examination.

Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloğlu
Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloğlu

This blog post is written by Op. Dr. Tamer Haliloğlu.

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