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In the realm of surgical procedures, Septorhinoplasty stands as a noteworthy intervention, skillfully combining the artistry of rhinoplasty, which involves the intricate reshaping of the nose, with the medical necessity of septoplasty, aimed at rectifying a deviated septum. 

This comprehensive approach to nasal enhancement is often referred to as Functional Rhinoplasty, for it not only addresses aesthetic concerns pertaining to the nose’s appearance but also meticulously attends to functional issues stemming from a misaligned septum, which can profoundly affect an individual’s breathing.

The septum, a structural partition comprised of cartilage and bone, diligently segregates the nasal cavity into two distinct air passageways. In certain cases, the septum may take on a deviated or irregular form, thereby giving rise to an array of issues such as nasal blockage, compromised breathing capabilities, disruptive snoring, recurrent sinus infections, and a myriad of other functional impediments.

The Purpose of Septorhinoplasty

Septorhinoplasty serves a dual purpose by addressing both the external appearance and internal structure of the nose. This comprehensive surgical procedure tackles both cosmetic and functional issues, making it a valuable solution for individuals seeking improvement in both aspects.


Specifically, septorhinoplasty is designed to correct a deviated septum to enhance airflow, while also offering the flexibility to reshape the nasal features according to the patient’s preferences. It is imperative to note that septorhinoplasty is a surgical intervention conducted under general anesthesia, and the duration of the procedure may vary depending on its complexity.


The Recovery Process Following Septorhinoplasty

The aftermath of septorhinoplasty entails a recovery period marked by certain expected discomforts. Swelling, bruising, and overall discomfort can persist for several weeks post-procedure. It is crucial to adhere diligently to the guidance provided by the surgeon during this phase. Recommendations include elevating the head while resting, refraining from engaging in strenuous activities, and adhering to the prescribed medication regimen.

Moreover, scheduled follow-up appointments with the surgeon play a pivotal role in monitoring the healing progress. During these appointments, the surgeon may remove any splints or tampons that were placed in the nose during the surgery. It is of paramount importance to engage the services of a highly skilled and qualified surgeon, proficient in both functional and cosmetic nasal surgery. By doing so, patients can collaboratively develop a personalized treatment plan that aligns with their aspirations for enhanced nasal function and aesthetics.


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Septorhinoplasty F.A.Q.

Here, we have summarized the most frequently asked questions to provide answers to the questions you may be curious about:

Individuals who are close to their desired nasal appearance but have minor concerns at the tip or nostrils are excellent candidates for Tip Plasty. It is essential to have realistic expectations and good overall health for optimal results.

The recovery period for Tip Plasty is relatively short, typically lasting a few weeks. Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort during this time. Following post-operative care instructions and attending follow-up appointments will help ensure a smooth healing process.

Yes, the results of Tip Plasty are considered permanent. Once the nasal tip or nostrils are reshaped to the desired appearance, the changes made during the procedure should last a lifetime. However, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow the surgeon’s recommendations for long-lasting results.

While both procedures focus on the nose, Tip Plasty is a more specific and less invasive approach that targets only the nasal tip or nostrils. In contrast, a full Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the entire nose, including the bridge, septum, and other structural elements. Tip Plasty is ideal for patients who have already undergone a primary Rhinoplasty and only require minor refinements at the tip area.

Rhinoplasty Surgeon Tamer Haliloglu
Rhinoplasty Surgeon Tamer Halilloglu